What We Do

    Dr. Kieran Kuykendall’s Functional Medicine and Nutrition practice is an outgrowth of the increasing need for natural healthcare solutions which is evident in Austin Texas and beyond. Female hormone imbalances, hypothyroidism, chronic pain and fatigue are on the rise along with many other countless chronic degenerative conditions.

    It’s hard to find an individual that doesn't know someone who is not affected by one these conditions. Dr. Kieran Kuykendall makes it his goal to use the most effective, natural, and innovative healing techniques available to help address the underlying cause of your unique health challenge so optimal health is no longer a possibility but a reality.

    Dr. Kieran Kuykendall has suffered from his own health challenges including an autoimmune thyroid condition and digestive problems. Nothing provides motivation to address the root cause of health challenges more than when sickness falls close to home. It was out of necessity that Dr. Kieran Kuykendall found and studied from the best doctors in the country so he could help improve his health and as a byproduct his patients’ health too.

    Chronic health problems never get better on their own unless a change is made. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired there is no better time than now to get your health back. Schedule your complimentary consult now to see if you are a good candidate for care…

    Patient Reviews

    • I came to Dr. K as a lost soul full of excitement but without any specific purpose or project to channel it into… I was lacking direction and wandering from place to place, searching for something greater. It wasn’t until I began working with Dr. K that my entire life, reality, and sense of purpose shifted and really grounded into reality. Through his endless well of personalized techniques, intuitive capacities, and spot-on insight, Dr. K actually empowered ME to create my own life as a purposeful woman with a greater mission to fulfill. Additionally, with his medical expertise, I was transformed physically from living in a body of fatigue, weakness, and terrible rashes to a beautiful, healthy, strong temple I am proud to birth my purpose through. I am so grateful to have received completely holistic care— every part of me was integrated into a powerful whole and nothing was left lurking in the shadows, or labeled as “un-curable.” I absolutely recommend Dr. K as a life coach, mentor, teacher, and doctor to anyone who is not only seeking change, but committed to taking their life to the next level and beyond. Thank you, Dr. K!
      Torie Michelle Feldman
    • Dr. Kieran is serving humanity from a higher calling; clearly in his purpose. Within a short few visits I am already experiencing a great empowerment in the acceleration of my healing, total self & body re-fortification, and a drastic increase in my energy - which was almost completely depleted. (I was sick, in bed, exhausted continually for almost 3 months!) He is a healing magician/wizard, masterfully communicating through the many layers of the physical, emotional, practical, and spiritual aspects of the Self that are essential for restoring balanced wholeness. All of this contributed to my ability to be on my A game in a way like never before ~ fully prepared to co-create & grow in expressing my full potential with my maximum potency. Energy is pulsing inspiration through me once again. Thank you so much for your deep caring and dedication to support people toward experiencing wholeness and the pursuit of their true meaning and potential!
      Haley Sharack
    • Encompassing the title of doctor, Kieran is a healer at his core. His innate ability to read the body and connect the physical responses to the emotional readings of humanity is unlike anything most of us will ever experience. He anesthetizes the stories of your ego, cures your spirit, and offers remedies that allow that higher self to emerge into a state of human-being where the creation of happiness can better be experienced.
      Robin Reed
    • Dr. Kuykendall did a wonderful job diagnosing my sensitivities to Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF's).  He found I was severely anemic and helped me recover from the damage that the EMF's were doing to my body.  Because of his work and diagnosis, we were able to convince Austin Energy to offer a Smart Meter Opt Out Program for Austin and so many children and adults have benefited from his expertise and courage to speak out and tell the truth.  It was the first Smart Meter Opt Out Program in the state of Texas.  His focus on  issues that are not readily apparent to other doctors was phenomenal.  His approaches address all aspects of health; spiritual and emotional health are his specialties. Thank you, Dr. Kuykendall.
      Laura P.
    • I came to Dr. K because I was experiencing total exhaustion. My hormones were a mess, I was exhausted, sick, and couldn’t get out of bed in the morning.  I would do my hair and makeup, and then I had to go lay back down for about 45 minutes. I was also going through a pretty bad depression because I had a miscarriage. When I came to Dr. K  I was really depressed, I felt hopeless as though I was never going get better. I remember about 6 weeks in, Dr K. mentioned that this was the first time that I actually looked him in the eyes… and that was quite an amazing experience because after just 4-6 weeks, I came skipping into his office feeling in my 20’s, feeling that I had more energy… I was full of life, just like I was when I was in my 20’s. Dr. K said to commit to 7 months and then I could try to get pregnant. He told me that after 7 months, I would be able to have a baby. Of course, that was the furthest thing from my reality. That was only in my hopes and my dreams. Dr K fixed my hormones, my immune system, my digestive system, my thyroid, and my overall health. It was like he did a full re-haul of my body. He even adjusted my uterus into position and within a
      Jodi Sierack