Torie F.

I came to Dr. K as a lost soul full of excitement but without any specific purpose or project to channel it into… I was lacking direction and wandering from place to place, searching for something greater. It wasn’t until I began working with Dr. K that my entire life, realit..... Read More

Haley S.

Dr. Kieran is serving humanity from a higher calling; clearly in his purpose. Within a short few visits I am already experiencing a great empowerment in the acceleration of my healing, total self & body re-fortification, and a drastic increase in my energy - which was almost ..... Read More

Robin R.

Encompassing the title of doctor, Kieran is a healer at his core. His innate ability to read the body and connect the physical responses to the emotional readings of humanity is unlike anything most of us will ever experience. He anesthetizes the stories of your ego, cures your s..... Read More

Laura P.

Dr. Kuykendall did a wonderful job diagnosing my sensitivities to Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF's).  He found I was severely anemic and helped me recover from the damage that the EMF's were doing to my body.  Because of his work and diagnosis, we were able to convince Austin..... Read More

Jodi S.

I came to Dr. K because I was experiencing total exhaustion. My hormones were a mess, I was exhausted, sick, and couldn’t get out of bed in the morning.  I would do my hair and makeup, and then I had to go lay back down for about 45 minutes. I was also going through a pretty b..... Read More

Alan B.

Being a long-time study of health on all fronts as a personal trainer and an athlete, I’ve come to know more about homeopathic practices such as Dr. K’s. Guys like Dr. K are hard to find. Over the last couple of years, I’ve had some tough issues come up and Dr. K has me b..... Read More

Angela K.

Dr K has helped my daughter work through some very heavy emotional milestones in her life this year. While we were visiting him for brain balancing she encountered several life changing events: Her father passed away after a long battle with cancer A breakup with her very ..... Read More

Dylan L.

Dr. K has had a profound impact on my life. His presence and warmth as a coach and doctor is healing in and of itself. He really shifted my ability to connect with myself on a deeper emotional level, healing and releasing years of trauma while at the same time helping me to get i..... Read More

Genevieve N.

I'm a 25 year old woman who is lucky to be alive. I sustained a spinal cord and brain injury from a horrific car accident. A life of permanent disability, following my injuries my doctors put me on an immense amount of medications and for what else they couldn't solve I had to de..... Read More

Jeff A.

Dr. K is a doctor, advocate, mentor, pioneer and an amazing person. I love Dr. K and his help to me personally touched every aspect of my life. His practice covered all my issues: energy, stamina and stress related conditions and his very thorough caring and precise examinations ..... Read More

Jessy w.

Dr. K was there for me during the intense moments in my life when LYMES + Hashimotos disease was taking me down. He even showed up at a concert I was singing at and gave me herbal remedies and laser treatments that allowed me to perform that day. Who does that? Very grateful f..... Read More

Kimberly M.

After suffering from numerous health issues and countless side effects, feeling absolutely desperate and struggling to get through every moment of the day, I met Dr. K and my life changed. After literally feeling as if I was dying, terrified, spending all of my time researching a..... Read More

Larisa T.

I go visit Dr K when I need a breakthrough in my what I call "health consciousness". The help I get is totally unexpected and surprising in a good way! Dr K has so much expertise in so many aspects of human health! Dr. K helped me with: Healing process of severe leg traum..... Read More

Lexi S.

Dr K has been one of my greatest healers over the past few years. His passion, compassion & knowledge of health and wellness is exceptional. He has a real gift of connecting with individuals that is so much deeper than you would ever experience from your typical ‘doctor’...... Read More

Melanie W.

Wow, my experience with Dr. K was healing on a level of consciousness I've never experienced before! He pulled together at least 8 different forms of healing from muscle testing, neurology, to transformation coaching, and more.  Then he calibrated it to the core of where my issu..... Read More

Peter C.

I heard how amazing Dr. K’s skills and healing guidance were from so many friends, who recommended him so strongly, that I had to book a session! It was such a meaningful first session that I scheduled 10 more sessions! Dr. Kuykendall’s ability to use multiple modalities to b..... Read More

Rachel M.

I was in bad shape when I first came to Dr. K:  anemia, high testosterone levels, mononucleosis, Candida infection, parasite, adrenal dysfunction, and vitamin D deficiency.  Dr. K coached me how to have my body to heal itself and amazingly I was able to overcome all of those ai..... Read More

Rita G.

Dr. K. he has always been very inspiring to me as a mother. He encouraged me to seek natural methods of healing for my child and to explore avenues to better health for our whole family. My 4-year-old son has come a long way and I have grown a lot as a mom, always assured to h..... Read More

Terronald L.

Dr. Kuykendall is so much more than just a doctor. He is the kind of human being and mentor who's not afraid to tell his patients that he loves them, and he doesn't even have to say it because just the way he runs his operation demonstrates that he practices his profession fro..... Read More

Jake W.

Dr. K got me on the right path after 10 years of searching for answers. By asking the right questions and ACTUALY LISTENING to what I told him. He gave me the tools to better life and health!  Thank you for helping me get my life and Joy back!..... Read More

Jan M.

Dr. Kuykendall is a blessing in my life.  He genuinely wishes to help, and has the knowledge and skills to teach patients to heal their own bodies.  He has a spiritual and emotional approach that addresses the true basis of illness.  He has helped me and my family with many he..... Read More

Leah T.

At the age of 30 I was in a health crisis suffering from multiple chronic issues.  Through Dr. K’s traditional and progressive healing techniques as well as education, he taught me to be accountable for my health and wellbeing and gave me the tools to support my body’s own n..... Read More

Neoma J.

Dr. K has been amazing in helping me regain my health by going the extra mile!  Not only did he help me with my chiropractor needs, he found many other underlying issues that other doctors could not find.  After going thru five different doctors, Dr. K was my last stop...now my..... Read More

Rory M.

I have worked with Dr K. for over 3 years.   Intuitively, Dr K. has the ability to quickly get to the root of the issue. Within minutes of beginning my session, I have discovered hidden emotional patterns waiting to be released. This has allowed me profound growth and knowin..... Read More

Valerie R.

Dr. Kuykendall is very intuitive.  He's always been able to identify my emotional distresses, guide me, and create a path to help me heal on every level of my being.  I'm So grateful for you Dr. K!..... Read More

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