Jodi Sierack

I came to Dr. K because I was experiencing total exhaustion. My hormones were a mess, I was exhausted, sick, and couldn’t get out of bed in the morning.  I would do my hair and makeup, and then I had to go lay back down for about 45 minutes. I was also going through a pretty bad depression because I had a miscarriage.

When I came to Dr. K  I was really depressed, I felt hopeless as though I was never going get better.

I remember about 6 weeks in, Dr K. mentioned that this was the first time that I actually looked him in the eyes… and that was quite an amazing experience because after just 4-6 weeks, I came skipping into his office feeling in my 20’s, feeling that I had more energy… I was full of life, just like I was when I was in my 20’s.

Dr. K said to commit to 7 months and then I could try to get pregnant. He told me that after 7 months, I would be able to have a baby. Of course, that was the furthest thing from my reality. That was only in my hopes and my dreams. Dr K fixed my hormones, my immune system, my digestive system, my thyroid, and my overall health. It was like he did a full re-haul of my body. He even adjusted my uterus into position and within a few short weeks, I was pregnant. Now, I have a healthy baby boy that is about to turn 2 years old December 23rd and I owe everything to Dr. K because I could not feel any better.

He completely turned my health around without pharmaceuticals. He has helped me and my husband gain our health, and our youth back in our 40’s. We are healthier and happier than we have ever been and we have a healthy baby boy who in his first 12 months of life. I owe everything to Dr. K and I am so completely happy and blessed because of him and we have a healthy baby boy. Thank you, Dr. K, this experience is worth billions and I tell everybody I meet about it – I mean, you even fixed my immune system. I was deathly ill from cedar every December and I have not experienced any cedar allergies at all in 3 years, and that is unbelievable. Thanks, Dr. K, you’re the best!