Kimberly Marcantel

After suffering from numerous health issues and countless side effects, feeling absolutely desperate and struggling to get through every moment of the day, I met Dr. K and my life changed. After literally feeling as if I was dying, terrified, spending all of my time researching all of the possibilities of what could be going on, trying so many different things, having no idea what was wrong, I finally got some answers. The many ways that Kieran is able to help people is purely amazing, but what saved my life was his ability to truly connect with me on an emotional level and help me release past traumas. I had an extreme needle phobia due to a very traumatic experience that kept me from getting blood work done, prolonging my illness.  Dr. K used many techniques to help me release the panic and extreme fear, and after that visit I was able to get it done so we could get results and continue down this journey of health and healing. That is only one of many times that he has helped me more than I could ever explain. He is genuine, caring, supportive, understanding, and gifted. I am blessed to be able to call him my doctor, healer, and mentor.