Larisa Tolstykh

I go visit Dr K when I need a breakthrough in my what I call “health consciousness”. The help I get is totally unexpected and surprising in a good way! Dr K has so much expertise in so many aspects of human health!

Dr. K helped me with:

  • Healing process of severe leg trauma: He Discovered the real issue when other doctors couldn’t, helped me start walking again and now I can do extreme workouts!
  • Female hormonal balancing – I feel like I am a young woman in my 30s!
  • Liver and gall bladder cleansing program – I get to look younger and stay younger longer!
  • Great nutritional support (including purest nutritional supplements and other remedies)
  • Emotional Blocks: Walking out of his office with a breakthrough has been a golden rule!
  • Reassurance that health comes from within and with help of brilliant people like DrK.