Torie Michelle Feldman

I came to Dr. K as a lost soul full of excitement but without any specific purpose or project to channel it into… I was lacking direction and wandering from place to place, searching for something greater. It wasn’t until I began working with Dr. K that my entire life, reality, and sense of purpose shifted and really grounded into reality. Through his endless well of personalized techniques, intuitive capacities, and spot-on insight, Dr. K actually empowered ME to create my own life as a purposeful woman with a greater mission to fulfill. Additionally, with his medical expertise, I was transformed physically from living in a body of fatigue, weakness, and terrible rashes to a beautiful, healthy, strong temple I am proud to birth my purpose through. I am so grateful to have received completely holistic care— every part of me was integrated into a powerful whole and nothing was left lurking in the shadows, or labeled as “un-curable.” I absolutely recommend Dr. K as a life coach, mentor, teacher, and doctor to anyone who is not only seeking change, but committed to taking their life to the next level and beyond. Thank you, Dr. K!